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ME 410 Spring 2008 Homework 12 Due: April 15, 2008 1. Determine the radiation heat transfer for a red-hot poker at 1200 K in the following wavelength ranges a.) the black body emissive power in the infrared region of the spectrum, 0.76 μ m < λ < 100 μ m b) the black body emissive power in the visible region of the spectrum, 0.40
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Unformatted text preview: μ m < λ < 0.76 μ m 2. A new transparent material has been proposed as the cover for a fireplace opening. If the fire may be treated as a blackbody at 950 K, determine the radiation heat flux that passes through the cover. The wavelength distribution of the transmissivity is shown below. 3. 13.4 from text...
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