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ME 410 Spring 2008 Homework 9 Due: March 13, 2008 1. Identify the classification of the following heat transfer (convective flow) problems. Note that there may be other modes of heat transfer present (e.g. radiation or conduction), but ignore those effects. For example, a hot ball bearing being dropped from a building roof Ans. Forced, external convection over a sphere. a. Oil flow through in the Alaskan pipeline Forced convection-internal-cylinder-horizontal b. Heat transfer from an oven door (kitchen) Natural convection-external flow-flat surface-vertical c. Heat transfer from a climber trapped at the peak of Mount Hood. Forced convection-external flow-cylinder d. Heat transfer from an astronaut on a space walk.
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Unformatted text preview: No Convection! Or Natural convection-Internal flow-parallel plates 2. Identify the Nusselt number classification number for the following flow fields. For example, a hot ball bearing being dropped from a building roof Ans. I-A-2-i a. Heat transfer from a pop (can or bottle) while relaxing on the beach Natural Convection-External flow-cylinder-vertical II-A-3-b or Forced Convection-External flow-cylinder-parallel I-A-3-i b. Heat transfer from the fuselage of a plane in flight. Forced convection-external flow-cylinder-parallel to axis I-A-3-i c. Heat transfer from a hair curling iron. Natural Convection-external Flow-cylinder-Horizontal II-A-3-a...
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