Homework_Ch10_Checkoff - 3 “Exercises” and 4...

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Name:___________________ Date:___________________ ME 456 Experiment Hardware Checkoff What’s A Microcontroller? Chapter #10: Running the Whole Show Modify TerminalOperatedSensorArray.bs2 so that it checks each sensor 10 times before returning to the main menu. For the RC-time measurements, eliminate any pause commands in the subroutine. Change the pauses in the pushbutton subroutines to PAUSE 200 . This project functions: Name: _______________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ Note: STAPLE to this coversheet, all your program code and answers for all 1) “Activities” 2) “Questions”
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Unformatted text preview: 3) “Exercises” and 4) “Projects” Chapter 10 Questions 1. What’s are the differences between GOSUB and ON…GOSUB ? 2. How do you declare a variable array? 3. How do you access a particular element in the variable array? Chapter 10 Exercises 1. Explain how to use a FOR…NEXT loop with an ON…GOSUB command to cycle through a list of subroutines. 2. Explain how to add a menu item to TerminalOperatedSensorArray.bs2 that gives the operator the option of making a piezospeaker beep. 3. Describe the process you would use (keeping the individual testing rule in mind) to add a piezospeaker circuit to your project....
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Homework_Ch10_Checkoff - 3 “Exercises” and 4...

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