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What’s a Microcontroller? - Chapter 1 - Homework Solutions Additional Questions 7. What is the purpose of the serial cable? To allow communication between the PC or Laptop and the BASIC Stamp. It allows programming of the BASIC Stamp and sending information from the BASIC Stamp to the Debug Terminal. 8. When the BASIC Stamp sends a character to your PC/laptop, what numbers are used to send the message through the serial cable? Binary 1’s and 0’s. 9. What should you do between the time you have entered your program into the BASIC Stamp Editor and the time you run the program? Save your work by clicking File and selecting Save, then entering a file name. 10. What is the name of the window that displays messages sent from the BASIC Stamp to your PC/laptop?
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Unformatted text preview: The Debug Terminal. 11. What BASIC commands did you learn in this chapter.? DEBUG, END. Additional Exercises 4. Explain what you can do with each PBASIC command you learned in this chapter. DEBUG tells the BASIC Stamp to send a message to the PC using the serial cable which is displayed in the Debug Terminal, and END puts the BASIC stamp in low power mode when its done running a program. 5. Explain what would happen if you took all the CR control characters out of the DEBUG commands below and write down how it would look in the Debug Terminal. DEBUG “Hello, it’s me, your BASIC Stamp!” DEBUG CR, “What’s 7 x 11?” DEBUG CR, “The answer is: “ All the text in parenthesis would appear as one continuous line....
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