Robotics_V2.2_Ch3_solution - Chapter 3 Questions 1. What is...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3 Questions 1. What is brownout condition? Brownout is a condition when the voltage supply drops below the level a device needs to function properly. (p. 99) 2. What are some of the symptoms of brownout on the Boe-Bot? Symptoms include erratic behavior such as going in unexpected directions or doing a confused dance. (p. 100) 3. How can a piezospeaker be used to detect brownout? The piezospeaker sends a tone at the beginning of all Boe-Bot programs. This tone will also occur every time a reset due to brownout condition occurs. (p. 100) 4. What is a reset? A reset is when the power is interrupted and the BASIC Stamp program starts running again from the beginning of the program. (p. 100) 5. What is an initialization routine? An initialization routine consists of the lines of code that are used at the beginning of the program. These lines of code run each time the program starts from the beginning. (p. 104) 6. How does a piezospeaker generate tones? The piezo speaker contains a piezoelectric crystal which vibrates when changing voltages are applied to it. These vibrations cause the air around the piezoelectric crystal to vibrate, which our ears detect as tones. (p. 101) 7. What are the arguments in the FREQOUT command? What does each argument do? The arguments are Pin, Duration, and Freq1 (Frequency) Pin tells which I/O pin receives the high/low signals. Duration tells how long the signal will last, measured in milliseconds. Freq1 tells the frequency of the tone, measured in Hertz (p. 103) 8. What are three (or more) possible mistakes that can occur when disconnecting and reconnecting the servos? 1. The servo lines P12 and P13 are swapped....
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Robotics_V2.2_Ch3_solution - Chapter 3 Questions 1. What is...

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