9-13-07 - Greek Medicine Most famous ones are the...

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Greek Medicine Most famous ones are the Hippocratic writings and they provide a lot of information for us. In 450 and 350 BC. During 3 rd and 4 th century, however, things are much patchier. In general medical treatment for ancient Greeks normal people, or normal people in Hellenistic times would be dealt with by physicians or midwifes, and they were really trained through apprenticeship. There is a also a textual or literary form of medical information at a very high level. The treatments were fairly routine and understood and not really much innovation in treatments. If ordinary treatment of midwife or physician couldn’t cure you, you would go to a temple and hope that a certain god cured you. (whats his name) There was a major disconnect between anatomy and physiology and medicine during this time period. Galen lived in 2 nd half of 2 nd century AD. He wrote about Anatomy and Physiology, his stuff was considered totally comprehensive and so many times people basically stopped copying the stuff that came before him because they were rendered redundant. Because of the partial character of sources that were available it is difficult to know what Galen’s predecessors were up to. He did quote his predecessors a lot (very common among writers) because very important to the Greek writers to establish a tradition. He also sites them a lot as Aristotle did in order to prove how wrong or stupid they were. Case commonly made that Greek research in anatomy and physiology was not medical research. Galen’s predecessors (members of museum and they were colleagues, received patronage from the Ptolemaic king): as members of the museum they had special privileges that others didn’t have. Namely this was to dissect human
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9-13-07 - Greek Medicine Most famous ones are the...

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