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Name:___________________ Date:___________________ ME 456 Experiment Hardware Checkoff What’s A Microcontroller? Chapter #8: Frequency and Sound Make a music box with two pushbuttons, a 7-segment display and a piezospeaker. This music box plays one of three songs that you select using the pushbuttons and 7-segement display. One pushbutton can be used to scroll through the number 1-3 on the 7-segment display. The other pushbutton plays the song. This project functions: Name: _______________________________________ Date: _______________________________________ Note: STAPLE to this coversheet, all your program code and answers for all 1) “Activities” 2) “Questions” 3) “Exercises” and 4) “Projects”
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Chapter 8 Questions 1. What are the three main elements of sound effects? 2. Can you put one FOR…NEXT loop inside another? How does that work? 3. How can you use the FREQOUT command to send musical notes? 4. Where does the data in a DATA directive get stored? 5. How much memory does it take to store a character? 6. How much memory is a word?
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