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I can relate to the main character of the movie. Since my father had grown up with a family that did not really pay much attention to women and felt as if they should be cooking, cleaning, or caring for the children all day. My fathers family had only one woman in his family (his mother) and three men ( my father, uncle, and his father) My father’s family was mainly dominated by males. On the other hand, my mother’s family was dominated by females (my mom, aunt, and grandmother) and one male which was my grandfather. Since my mother’s family was dominated mainly by females, my mother was a very strong, smart, opinionated, independent woman. I believe that my father carried on some of the same beliefs that he had formerly held in his family. My mother said that in the beginning of their marriage, he didn’t really want to believe that women were able to do the same things as men and held the belief that women should stay home, take care of children, etc. My mother says that throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: years he had begun to adjust to the fact that woman can be just as successful as men and can have the ability to do the same things as men. Every now and then, I see that he still has troubles recognizing women for their abilities I can see that he is trying to believe that women are just as successful although sometimes his former views on the position of women in society are what helps me strive to become successful. I want to prove to my fathers side of the family that women are successful. I can see that my grandfather is surprised so far since I have entered college. I am the first out of all my cousins ( who are all male) to enter college. My cousins decided not to go to college, and since I was the first grandchild, and I was a female, it really amazed my grandfatherit amazed him so much that he decided to pay for all of my college fees....
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