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Robotics_v2.2_Checkoff_Ch-2 - Name ME456 Check off Sheet...

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Name: ___________________________ ME456 Check off Sheet Robotics! V 2.2 Chapter 2 Project #2 Robotics! P. 87 2. Write a program that makes the servo connected to P12 turn counterclockwise for two seconds. During this time, the LED connected to P14 should be emitting light. The program should then do nothing for two seconds. Then, the program should make P13 turn clockwise. While the P13 servo is turning clockwise, the LED connected to P15 should be on. This project functions: _________________________________ Date: _________________________________
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Questions 1. What are standard servos commonly used for? 2. How do the Parallax Continuous Rotation servos differ from standard servos? 3. What does the PAUSE command do? What does PAUSE 3000 do? How about PAUSE 20 ? 4. How long does a millisecond last? How do you abbreviate it? 5. What PBASIC commands can you use to make other PBASIC commands to execute over and over again? 6. What does a resistor do in a circuit? What are the colored bands on a resistor used for? 7. What does LED stand for? What does an LED do in a circuit? What are the two terminals of an LED?
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