Set1 - oil as a function of temperature and pressure using...

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1 ME 416 Computer Assisted Design of Thermal Systems Practice Problems #1 Design Methodology, Thermodynamic Derivatives, Curve Fitting 1. A utility company has determined that due to projected population growth in its service area, there will be a 15% increase in electric power demand by the year 2010. Provide a list of mega-alternatives to be considered. Evaluate these alternatives as non-functional, functional-unsatisfactory, or functional- satisfactory. Give reasons for your evaluations. 2. Some tracks of the Formula I Grand Prix circuit place high braking loads on the cars. Under these conditions the brakes can overheat and eventually fail. Provide a list of approaches to cool the braking system. 3. A decision matrix is to be developed for the alternatives in problem #2. Develop a list of design criteria topics and suggest a weighting scale. 4. Using the Jacobian reduction method develop a relationship for the entropy of
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Unformatted text preview: oil as a function of temperature and pressure using the density and specific heat relations given below. c P = 0.67505 + 4.3156 x 10-3 T - 1.498 x 10-6 T 2 + 2.7403 x 10-9 T 3 in kJ/kg K = 1037.3 - 0.38658 T - 5.7951 x 10-4 T 2 + 5.384 x 10-7 T 3 in kg/m 3 Temperature (T) in Kelvins ME 416 CAD of Thermal Systems 2 5. Reduce the following thermodynamic partial derivatives. (a.) s v h (b.) h T s (c.) u P T (d.) v T P 6. Evaluate the partial derivatives in problem #5 for an ideal gas. 7. Using a least squares approach generate a power law equation (Nu = aRa n ) for the following data. Rayleigh Number (Ra) Nusselt Number (Nu) 5 x 10 3 5.18 1 x 10 4 6.25 3 x10 4 8.41 7 x 10 4 10.57...
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Set1 - oil as a function of temperature and pressure using...

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