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hw-2 - -7 cm/s Also assume that the clay liner can adsorb...

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Homework Set # 2 Homework Due Time/Date: 8:30AM, 15 Feb 2006 CE485, Spring 2006 Student Name : ______________________________________________ (Note: Please attach this page to the front of your completed homework.) ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Assume a 5-ft-thick clay liner is subjected to a constant leachate head of 1 ft and the leachate temperature is 22 deg C. If the leachate contains 500 mg/L of mercury, estimate the mass (in grams) of mercury that would leak through the clay liner in 30 years per acre of the liner area. Assume the hydraulic conductivity of the clay is 1 x 10
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Unformatted text preview: -7 cm/s. Also assume that the clay liner can adsorb about 100 mg of mercury per cubic ft of the clay liner. State any other reasonable assumptions that you may need to make. 2. Assume that temperature of the leachate in Problem 1 got elevated to 45 deg C due to an induced accelerated aerobic decomposition of the waste. How will it impact the mass of mercury leaking through the clay liner in 30 years? Quantify your answer by making appropriate assumption(s) and looking up temperature-dependent performance of clay liners in the text books or literature. State all assumptions that you may need to make. Page 1 of 1 2/7/2006...
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