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Unformatted text preview: This map is useful within an hour of the following local daylight times : Late July Early August Late August 11 pm 10 pm 9 pm NORTH AUGUST ST=18 Lat. 40N \ CORONA BOREALIS BOOTES \ LYRA \ HERCULES M57 M13 Gemma Al ta ir AQ UI LA OP HIU CH US LI BR A CA PR IC O RN US \ M8 Teapo t SAGIT TARIU S Anta res SCO RPI US SOUTH Abrams Planetarium Spica VIRG tta O Sa gi Arcturus WEST UR SA M Di Big pp er AJ OR DR URSA MINOR AC O Polaris CE PH EU S CA PE SS IO RS PE EU IA S AN DR OM ED A M3 1 PEGA SUS Deneb Vega EAST Summer Triangle DE LP HIN US CYGNUS AQ UA RIU S ...
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