ex8 - b) Interpret the odds ratio for subtype 1 vs. 0 which...

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We are trying to predict whether a woman has ever used estrogen therapy  (coded 1 for yes) based on uterine cancer subtype.  There are three categories  to the subtype predictor.  Adenocarcinoma (coded 0), Adenosquamoous (coded  1), and Other (coded  2).   Testing Global Null Hypothesis: BETA=0 Test Chi-Square DF Pr > ChiSq Likelihood Ratio 3.7113 2 0.1563 Score 3.7048 2 0.1569 Wald 3.6384 2 0.1622 Type 3 Analysis of Effects Wald Effect DF Chi-Square Pr > ChiSq SUBTYPE 2 3.6384 0.1622 Analysis of Maximum Likelihood Estimates Standard Wald Parameter DF Estimate Error Chi-Square Pr > ChiSq Intercept 1 0.2403 0.1485 2.6178 0.1057 SUBTYPE 1 1 -0.6457 0.3386 3.6371 0.0565 SUBTYPE 2 1 -0.1349 0.3040 0.1970 0.6572 Odds Ratio Estimates Point 95% Wald Effect Estimate Confidence Limits SUBTYPE 1 vs 0 0.524 0.270 1.018 SUBTYPE 2 vs 0 0.874 0.482 1.586 Questions: a) What is the referent category?
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Unformatted text preview: b) Interpret the odds ratio for subtype 1 vs. 0 which is 0.524. c) Is subtype a significant predictor of estrogen therapy? Explain how you decided this. d) Why, even though there are two Betas in the global Beta test, the Wald tests for the global beta hypothesis and the Wald type 3 test for subtype are still the same. e) Do the P-values for the parameter estimates for subtype 1vs0 (0.0565) and subtype 2vs0 (.6572) mean anything? Explain. f) Find the Odds Ratio of subtype 2 vs 0 by using the parameter estimates. Also find its 90% confidence interval. g) Both 95% Confidence Intervals for the odds ratio include 1. What does this indicate? How is this related to the Wald Type 3 test for subtype?...
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ex8 - b) Interpret the odds ratio for subtype 1 vs. 0 which...

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