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1 EXPERIMENT 6a Inelastic One-dimensional Collisions Objectives to measure the momentum and kinetic energy of two objects before and after a completely inelastic one-dimensional collision to observe that the concept of conservation of momentum is independent of conservation of energy , that is, the total momentum remains constant in an inelastic collisions while the kinetic energy changes to calculate the percentage of KE which will be lost (converted to other forms of energy, notably heat) in a completely inelastic collision between an initially stationary mass and an initially moving mass; and to compare this calculation with the result of the elastic collision Procedure In this and the next experiment we will analyze collisions between two carts of varying masses in the case where one of the carts is initially at rest. The carts move on an air track. Therefore, in order to insure that no energy due to the gravitational potential is created, you should first make sure that your track is level. In this lab we study the totally inelastic collision, by arranging that when two carts collide they will stick together and move with some final velocity common to both masses. Thus, we have only to measure the velocity of Cart 1 before the collision and the common velocity of the carts after the collision, since of course the velocity of Cart 2 is zero before the collision. For this purpose, we use two photogates (see Figure 1). Each of them allows us to measure the time it takes for the cart or carts to go through it. The photogates record times by sensing the fins attached to the tops of the carts while they are moving through the photogates' light beams. Therefore the velocities for these labs are calculated by dividing the length of the fin (NOT the length of the cart) by the time measured by the photogate (speed = length/time).
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2 Figure 1 : The Initial State of the Carts Before the Collision In these instructions Gate 1 has the controllers on it and Gate 2 does not. Cart 1 has the fin on it and Cart 2 does not. Cart 2 is initially stationary.
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ex6a - EXPERIMENT 6a Inelastic One-dimensional Collisions...

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