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International markets-culture - Kelsey Jans IBM 301 2/13/08...

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Kelsey Jans IBM 301 2/13/08 International Markets/ Culture: Three Cultures/ Countries- Define their cultural For this assignment I decided to choose China, India, as well as Japan since these areas are considered to be some of the most populated places on earth. These countries are targets for the marketing industry. China China’s cultural values are trust/ mistrust, Face, hierarchy and Power Distance, Reciprocity, time/ long term orientation, and harmony. These values are very important in the Chinese society. If these values disappear, the networks will collapse. The Chinese cultural values are main representations of the seven core rituals of Confucianism which consist of : Benevolence, Harmony, Midway, Forbearance, Filial Piety, Trust and Cautious Words. The most widely traditions of china are Chinese holidays such as Chinese New year and other festivals which celebrate joy and happiness. A majority of these festival celebrations have been passed from generation to generation. Lion dances are also performed on Chinese new year in order to scare away evil. Giving money in red envelopes is also considered important. The money inside of the red envelope is seen as “ lucky money”. The culture is also very respectable of elders in their society. China also
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International markets-culture - Kelsey Jans IBM 301 2/13/08...

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