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Spring 2006 1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Plagiarism Policy Department of Mechanical Engineering Plagiarism is not tolerated in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It shall be punished according to the student conduct code of the University. Integrity and honesty are essential to maintain society's trust in the engineering profession. This policy is intended to reinforce these values. For the purpose of this policy, plagiarism means presenting, as one's own, without proper citation, the words, work or opinions of someone else. A. You commit plagiarism if you submit as your own work: 1. Part or all of an assignment copied from another person's assignment, including reports, drawings, web sites, computer files, or hardware. 2. Part or all of an assignment copied or paraphrased from a source, such as a book, magazine, pamphlet, web site, or web posting, without proper citation 3. The sequence of ideas, arrangement of material, pattern or thought of someone else, even though you express them in your
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Unformatted text preview: own words. Plagiarism occurs when such a sequence of ideas is transferred from a source to a paper without the process of digestion, integration and reorganization in the writer's mind, and without acknowledgement in the paper. B. You are an accomplice in plagiarism and equally guilty if you: 1. Knowingly allow your work, in preliminary or finished form, to be copied and submitted as the work of another. 2. Prepare an assignment for another student, and allow it to be submitted as his or her own work. 3. Keep or contribute to a file of assignments with the clear intent that these assignments will be copied and submitted as the work of anyone other than the originator of the assignment. (The student who knows that his or her work is being copied is presumed to consent to its being copied.) (based upon the MSU English Department's policy on plagiarism at: )...
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