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IdealGas - ME 201 Thermodynamics ME 201 Thermodynamics...

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ME 201 Thermodynamics 1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Ideal Gas Property Evaluation Guide (For ME 201see summary at end) Most normal gases at normal pressures and temperature can be treated as ideal gases provided that there are not phase changes occurring. The equation of state for an ideal gas provides a relationship among temperature (T), pressure (P), and the specific volume (v). The most convenient form of the ideal gas equation of state is Pv = RT where R is the gas constant for the particular of gas of interest and is given by R = R MW u where MW is the molecular weight of the particular gas and R u is the universal gas constant. Some useful values of the universal gas constant are given below: R = 8.314 kJ / (kgmole K) = 8.314 kPa m / (kgmole K) = 1.986 Btu / (lb mole R) = 10.73 psia ft / (lb mole R) u 3 m 3 m For an ideal gas we also a unique relationship among the two specific heats and the gas constant, as shown below c = c - R v P
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