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syllabus - Nondeterminism NFA Non regular language Chap 0...

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Computer Science 860 Foundations of Computing Spring, 2004 Instructor : Moon Jung Chung [email protected] Office Hours : Tu, Th 1-2pm&by appointment Text : Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Michael Sipser Reference : Computers and Intractability by Garey and Johnson Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation, by Hopcroft and Ullman 2 nd ed Computational Complexity, by Christos Papadimitriou Published by Addison-Wesley, 1995. Prerequisite : CSE460 Grading : Midterm, March 4 6 sets of Homework Take Home Final: Dec. 8; Due: 9am Dec. 10. Homework is due at or before the start of class on the due date. Late Homework will not be accepted. Your writing should be neat and legible so the grader can clearly read it. Note: Request for re-grading must be received within two class periods after the date on which graded item is returned. Thereafter, no request will be considered.
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Tentative Schedule Week Topics Read 1 Introduction Models of Computation: Languages, Machines, and Functions
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Unformatted text preview: Nondeterminism, NFA Non regular language Chap 0 Chap 1.2 Chap 1.3 2 Chomsky Hierarchy and Complexity Hierarchy Turing Machine Chap 2 Chap 3 3 Decidability Decidable Languages, Halting Problem Chap 4 4 Reducibility and Undecidability Rice Theorem Post Correspondence Problem Chap 5 5 Reduction Continue: Turing Reduction, Mapping Reduction Polynomial Time reduction Chap 5.3, Handout Chap. 6.3 6 Recursion Theorem Chap 6.1 7 Decidability of Logical Theories: Goedel's Incomplete Theorem Chap 6.2 8 Kolmogorov Complexity Chap. 6.4 9 Time Complexity, Space Complexity, Determinism vs. Nondeterminism, P and NP Chap 7.1-7.3 10 NP Completeness and Cook's Theorem Chap. 7.4 11 Nondeterministic Space Complexity vs. Deterministic Space Complexity Savitch Theorem Inductive Counting Chap 8 12 Hierarchy Theorem and Relativization Chap 9.1-9.2 13 Probabilistic Algorithms Chap. 10.1-10.2 14 Interactive Proof Systems Chap. 10.3-10.4 15 Review...
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syllabus - Nondeterminism NFA Non regular language Chap 0...

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