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Spring 2006 1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Exam #1 Open Book, Open Notes Problem 1 As shown in the drawing below, two pipes merge into one. Determine the velocity (in m/s) of water in the merged pipe under the following conditions: Pipe #1: diameter: 0.03 m, water flow rate: 0.75 kg/s Pipe #2: diameter: 0.06 m, water flow rate: 1.07 x 10 -3 m 3 /s Pipe #3: diameter: 0.04 m Density of water: 996 kg/m 3 Flow area of pipe: π D 2 /4 Problem 2 It is proposed to use hydrogen, H
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Unformatted text preview: 2 , as the fuel in an internal combustion engine. Determine the internal energy change in kJ/kg and final temperature as H 2 goes isentropically from 400K and 150 kPa to 785 kPa. Problem 3 In a refrigeration system saturated liquid water at 25ºC isenthalpically taken to a pressure of 1.5 kPa. Find the final state and the change in entropy kJ/(kg & K) for this process. Pipe #1 Pipe #2 Pipe #3...
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