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Spring 2006 1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Exam #3 Open Book, Open Notes Problem 1 Steam at 0.5 MPa and 350 ° C is used to fill a 0.1 m 3 tank, which is initially empty. After filling, the tank is cooled to 50 ° C and the contents become saturated liquid. Determine (a) the heat transfer required (b) the mass of water added to the tank Problem 2 In the Kentucky Derby a racehorse exerts a force of 36 Nt over a distance of 1900 m. Model the racehorse as a heat engine operating under the following conditions Net work is the force exerted times the distance traveled (W net = F x d) Low temperature heat reservoir is the environment at 20
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Unformatted text preview: C High temperature heat reservoir is the internal temperature of the horse at 55 C If the heat from the high temperature heat source comes from the digestion of grain with an energy content of 53 kJ/kg, determine the minimum amount of grain required for the horse to run the Derby. Problem 3 Air is expanded in a closed system from a state where the pressure is 500 kPa and the temperature is 285 K to a final state at 200 kPa and 450 K. Can this process occur adiabatically? If yes, determine the work per mass. If no, determine the direction of the heat transfer....
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