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Exam2 - cooling coil while the second component is a...

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Spring 2006 1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Exam #2 Open Book, Open Notes Problem 1 Steam at 300 kPa with quality 0.96316 passes through a valve to convert it to saturated vapor. Determine the exit pressure required. Problem 2 A piston-cylinder device contains 0.001 kg of CO 2 at 750 kPa and 1340 K. The device undergoes a polytropic process with polytropic exponent -0.3 or PV -0.3 = constant which decreases the pressure to 550.2 kPa. Determine the boundary work and heat transfer in kJ for this process. Problem 3 A proposed new ice maker is composed of two components. The first component is a
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Unformatted text preview: cooling coil, while the second component is a freezing chamber. Water at 15ºC and 100 kPa enters the cooling coil at 0.05 kg/s and exits at 0ºC as a 50% - 50% mixture by mass of liquid and solid. Determine the heat transfer rate in kW for the cooling coil. Hint: The enthalpy for subcooled liquid or solid can be calculated from the tables with sub.liq.: h 1 = h f (at T 1 ) + v f (at T 1 ) x [P 1-P sat (at T 1 )] sub.sol.: h 1 = h i (at T 1 ) + v i (at T 1 ) x [P 1-P sat (at T 1 )] Cooling Coil Ice/Liquid Mixture Liquid Water...
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