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Spring 2006 1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Homework #20, Due Wednesday, April 19, 2006 1. Consider an internal combustion engine operating on the ideal Dual cycle with the following conditions: Two cylinder, four stroke engine with displacement of 1.6 liters Compression ratio of 7.5 Cutoff Ratio of 1.7 Combustion temperature of 1700 K Engine speed of 1300 rpm The initial temperature and pressure are taken to be 150 kPa and 315 K due to
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Unformatted text preview: turbocharging of the intake air. Just before the final process (constant volume cooling) 85% of the air is extracted and is used to power a turbine that supplies power to the intake compressor (i.e. the turbocharger). Determine a. engine thermal efficiency b. engine power output c. engine MEP d. exhaust turbine power...
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