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Spring 2006 1 ME 201 Thermodynamics Homework #6, Due Friday, 2/3/06 1. What are the enthalpy, internal energy, specific volume, and entropy for steam at 1107 ° C and 27 MPa? 2. Determine the internal energy change as saturated liquid refrigerant-134a at -6 ° F goes to a two phase mixture of quality 0.40 at -6 ° F. 3. Give the behavior of entropy for steam when
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Unformatted text preview: a. pressure increases, constant temperature b. quality increases c. temperature increases, constant pressure d. pressure decreases, constant entropy 4. Saturated liquid water at 310 C undergoes an isotropic process to 0.35 kPa. Determine the final fluid phase and the enthalpy change....
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