10-2-07 - Medieval Science? Universities o Legal entities o...

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Medieval Science? Universities o Legal entities o Paris, Oxford, Bologna, Padua o Theology and the arts Students o Curriculum o Vocation Scholasticism: o Disputations o Thomas Aquinas and philosophical theology o Commentaries and “Queastiones” Argument and Nature: o An alien way of thought First university dated in 1150 in Bologna ahead of the curve. Universities were a way of people banding together to get legal protection for the studies that they were doing Prototypical universities: o Paris, oxford, bologna, Padua All universities after this really based themselves on the structure of these universities. Up through the 14 th century we have 20 total universities across Europe University didn’t have the same physical reality that one tends to think of with the American university. It was not something that you could see but rather something that had a legal existence that gated it off. Universitas – generic Latin word used to refer to a legal corporation They were corporations of teachers at Paris and oxford They were corporations of students at bologna and Padua o In the end the universities were really not that different but legally they came into being in a different manner The major intellectual achievements were at Paris and oxford, Paris is a major focus. Paris was formed as a legal continuity of the cathedral schools The bishop of Paris was the person who had the ultimate control over the curriculum and everything that went on at the university. The universities included four faculties:
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10-2-07 - Medieval Science? Universities o Legal entities o...

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