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CSE860 HW 2. Due Feb. 17 1. Construct "and-or" graph for the following CFG G and Using this graph, decide (i) if L(G) is empty or not, and (ii) if L(G) is finite or not. G: S -> AB| CA B -> BC | AB A -> a C -> aB | b 2. Solve 3.6 3. Solve 3.7 4. Solve 4.10 5. Solve 5.2 6. Solve 5.3 7. Solve 5.7 8. Show that L = { <M> | M is a TM and L(M)
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Unformatted text preview: is not empty} is undecidable using (i) Rice theorem (ii) A direct reduction without using the Rice theorem. 9. Show that the following problem about programs in a real programming language is undeciable: " Whether two programs produce the same output on all inputs."...
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