interview workshop - What is the purpose of the interview...

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What is the purpose of the interview in the mind of the employer? There are basically five underlying questions in the mind of the employer that should be answered in the interview. Does this candidate want the job? The employer naturally wants to see your passion, commitment to the field, and sincere interest in the position and company. The employer is investing a great deal of time and money into the hiring process and the interview is the most costly element. It is even more expensive to make a bad hiring decision which later needs to be rectified. In today's competitive job market with a high number of people changing jobs, a big challenge for employers is determining that your heart is really in the job. They want to weed out those for whom this is just a job to pay the bills or something to do for a year before you go to grad or law school. This makes it imperative that your true interest in the position be ascertained during the interview phase. Return to Top Can this candidate do the job? The employer is going to do as much as possible in the interview to determine whether you can do (or quickly learn to do) what is required for the position. This is obviously important and your resume provided the initial information for this question. Now, the employer wants to hear it from you. He or she wants to hear the details, the specific skills and abilities you have utilized in the past that would benefit the company. Return to Top Will this candidate fit in? Developing and maintaining good morale in the workplace is a costly endeavor and taken seriously by the employer. If a supervisor needs to spend extra time mending relationships so that work can be accomplished, the bottom line of the organization may suffer -- clearly not a good environment for high productivity. "Working and playing well with others" is not just a mantra for the classroom -- it is solid gold in the workplace. To discern this, the employer may ask how you deal with conflicts, your appreciation of diversity, and any experiences with teamwork. The employer wants to determine your character and how your style will fit within the organization's team. You will need to convince them that you are not going to rock the boat, be difficult to work with, cause waves with co-workers, or say something inappropriate to the customers/clients. Return to Top Is this candidate self-sufficient? You probably heard of the concept "doing more with less." Every organization is trying to produce more with fewer resources -- this includes both money and staff. Organizations want to hire individuals who will get the job done, be resourceful, find answers, take initiative when
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appropriate, and have confidence to bring issues to the forefront in a tactful way. They are looking for candidates who are reliable and dependable with a proven track record when it comes to following through. In addition, this quality involves working well independently with little supervision, as well as
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interview workshop - What is the purpose of the interview...

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