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Unformatted text preview: Physics 321 Spring 2006 Homework #6, Due at beginning of class Wednesday Mar 1. 1. [4 pts] A hook is at height y above the floor, where y is constant for all negative times: y = y for t < 0. For positive times, y oscillates: y = y + A sin t for t > 0. A mass M hangs from an ideal spring attached to this hook. The mass is at height x above the floor. The mass hangs motionless at x = x = y- Mg/k for t < 0, where k is the spring constant. Let = q k/M as usual. (a) Find the motion x ( t ) of the mass for t > 0 if = 2 . (b) Find the motion x ( t ) of the mass for t > 0 if = . (You can do this by first finding x ( t ) for arbitrary and then carefully taking the limit ; or if youre chicken, you can set in the equation of motion and solve it.) 2. [4 pts] A driven harmonic oscillator obeys the equation x + x = t ( A- t ) for 0 < t < A . Given the initial conditions x = x = 0 at t = 0, find the subsequent motion x ( t ) during the time interval 0...
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