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DQ #2 The Secret Lion - "The Secret Lion Things get taken...

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“The Secret Lion” Things get taken away. The short story “The Secret Lion,” written by Alberto Rios, is told from the perspective of a group of young boys. Sergio along with his pack of childhood friends retells the pastimes of their youth. The narrator starts the story off by stating that “Everything changed. Just that. Like the rug, the one that gets pulled- or better, like the tablecloth those magicians pull where the stuff on the table stays the same but the gasp! (59) Their world was suddenly turned upside down, they were embarking on unfamiliar territory. The boys were now entering junior high school and things simply weren’t the same. It was no longer appropriate for them to hang out with the girls, ask questions, use slang or go to their secret getaway, the river. While at the river, the boys placed a great deal of secrecy and protection for their discoveries and personal treasures. “We knew, because of a lot of things, that if we were
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