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hwk1 - CSE 422 Homework#1 Due at the Beginning of Class...

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CSE 422 Homework #1 Spring 2008 Due at the Beginning of Class Thursday, March 13 Name: Score: /100 Please write your answers CLEARLY on these sheets, which will assist the TA in grading. You must show all your work! A correct numerical answer without the accompanying calculations will count only one point. 1. Network Architectures. (8 points total) (a) (2 points) True or False? The transport layer protocol is always connection-oriented. Explain briefly. (b) (2 points) Why are CRC checksums usually placed in the trailer of a frame, rather than in the header? (c) (2 points) What is a protocol port, how is it used, and which protocols use it? (d) (2 points) Assume a user is browsing the web on a wireless laptop. When a frame containing requested web data arrives at the 802.11 wireless network interface card on the laptop, which of the following information will arrive first? Explain briefly. http header, TCP header, 802.11 frame header, IP header, IP trailer.
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2. Physical Layer and Channel capacity (18 points total) (a) (4 pts.) Consider a noiseless communication channel where the bandwidth is 500,000 Hz. What is the maximum bit rate if we use 16 different signal elements to transmit bits? You must show your work. (b) (8 pts.) (a) If the channel has a bandwidth of 32,000 Hz and a noise level of 20 dB, (a) what is the maximum data rate of the channel, using a signaling technique with 8 different signal elements? (b) What if the channel is noiseless?
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