- Do favors/provide benefits for try to influence them • Pay for dinner • Pay for sports tickets etc Now illegal at national level • Just

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Politicians look for ways to connect with people o Candidates become extremely capable of targeting people Find out when and how they vote If you’re a democrat, get as many blacks to the polls as possible o Walkin Lawton Mainor Chiles – walked across Florida to gain recognition o Guy Melner – Said “didn’t want to waste time” campaigning in small towns; had to campaign in small towns to make up for it 527 – independent group that can accept unlimited donations, tax exempt o Parties do not control them o Run ads bashing other party o Willie Horton 1988 – Criminal let out from prison for “vacation” while Dukakis governor; Republican 527 group ran ad exposing this; helped out Bush. Lobbyists – Right to assembly – 1 st Amendment o Georgia, other states, make law to make lobbying illegal o Lobbyists try to influence legislators
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Unformatted text preview: Do favors/provide benefits for, try to influence them • Pay for dinner • Pay for sports tickets, etc. /\ Now illegal at national level • Just provide information Iron Triangle • Agency • Interest Group • Legislation o Inside Lobbying o Outside Lobbying Grassroots Campaign – get people back home to contact voters to vote a certain way on a bill Campaign Contributions • Interest Groups o Collective Action – How do you get possible members to join your organization? Have to come up with some incentive to get people to join • Cheaper Insurance rates • Social aspects o Want you to become involved • Moral Reason – get something out of it Taft-Hartley Act – Can control how strong unions can get...
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