Hydrologic Cycle

Hydrologic Cycle - 1 Built by Mulholland 2 Built between...

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1. Hydrologic Cycle a. Condensation (up in the clouds) b. Precipitation (rain) c. Accumulation (ground) d. Evaporation (goes back up) 2. California’s Water Dilemma a. Where is the water? b. Who needs the water? c. Who cares? 3. Factors Influencing Water Management a. Population distribution i. Where are the people located? 1. southern, semi-arid location b. Industrial expansion i. Industry is close to where the people are c. Agriculture 4. California’s Water Management Agencies a. DWP (Department of Water and Power) i. Local agency ii. Only serves L.A. iii. L.A. Aqueduct
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Built by Mulholland 2. Built between 1908-1913 3. 330 miles b. MWD (Metropolitan Water District) i. local agency ii. service San Diego, Orange, some of LA iii. Colorado Aqueduct 1. 242 miles c. SWP (State Water Project) i. 1970’s ii. California Aqueduct 1. 400 miles d. CVP (Central Valley Project) i. Federal involvement ii. Coachella Canal iii. All American Canal iv. Friant-Kern Canal 5. Environmental Issues a. Drought b. Contamination c. Ecology d. Recycling/Reuse e. Reduce 6....
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