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7-22-08 - 3 Taking Credit 4 Taking Positions C Strategic...

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I. Legislature A. State House 1. Speaker of the Georgia House – Glenn Richardson a) Republican b) Does not get along with governer c) Potential challenge for Speaker (1) David Ralston 2. Speaker Protemp a) Mark Burkholter 3. Run for Governer a) Jerry Kean 4. Order in House a) Speaker b) Protempur c) Majority Leader d) Whip 5. Lieutenant Governer a) Casey Cagel B. Congress 1. Porkbarreling 2. Earmarking
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Taking Credit 4. Taking Positions C. Strategic Politician 1. Wait until open seat, then run for office so they don’t have to compete against an incumbent D. Courtesy 1. House member “disagrees without being disagreeable” 2. Does not “burn bridges E. Senatorial Courtesy 1. Senate member blocks Presidential nominees...
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