7-23-08 - C Governor has 40 days to sign or veto bill after...

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I. Bill through the Senate A. 100 Senators vs. 435 House members B. Senate, hearings happen in committee; house happens in sub-committee C. Senate does not have committee with same function as Rules Committee D. UCA – Unanimous Consent Agreement 1. Have to appease all 100 Senators 2. If one has a problem, can hold bill a) “Individual Veto” E. Takes longer in Senate because of unlimited debate 1. Filibuster a) Only way to stop is by getting 60 Senators to sign petition b) Used to be uncommon, now common c) Used mainly by southerners, everyone uses it now d) Most likely to be effective towards the end of a bill F. Conference Committee 1. Before it goes to Pres., bill must be passed in the same way in Senate as in House 2. Conference Committee resolves differences between House and Senate a) If successful, goes to President II. Georgia General Assembly A. Meets 40 days out of the year 1. No filibuster, moves quicker B. Crossover Days 1. If bill has not passed one chamber before the crossover day, its dead
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Unformatted text preview: C. Governor has 40 days to sign or veto bill after GGA has gone home D. Governor can call Special Session 1. In Georgia, special session is usually for money and redistricting III. Census A. Every 10 years 1. Reapportionment – How many seats each state gets a) North has been losing seats, South has been gaining seats B. Redistricting 1. Have to have equal population 2. Have to consider race a) Cannot only think of race 3. Contiguity a) Miller v. Johnson (1) States could not make districts to make a minority a majority 4. Compactness 5. Respect for traditional boundaries IV. Executive Branch A. Before 1968, delegates were chosen by state party – governor, senator, mayor B. By 1972, crises change the way delegates are chosen C. Democratic National Convention nominates V. Frontloading – state votes early VI. Super-delegates – high in party – governor, senator, etc....
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7-23-08 - C Governor has 40 days to sign or veto bill after...

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