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7-24-08 - B Executive Branch has become more powerful than...

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I. Incumbency’s Power A. How they keep their position 1. Send newsletters to households a) Costs a lot of money b) Paul Brown (1) Sent out 10 mass mailings (2) Spent office in one year (3) Spent the bulk of his budget on newsletters II. National Convention A. Sets agenda 1. Choose party’s platform B. Fire up the faithful 1. Get the party members ready to vote III. General Election A. 270 electoral college votes 1. Winner takes all IV. President A. Makes sure laws are upheld
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Unformatted text preview: B. Executive Branch has become more powerful than legislative C. Media can focus on exec. branch easier because focus on president D. Cannot allocate money E. Can be “Lobbyist in Chief” F. Can raise a lot of money V. Congressional Oversight A. Congress can look over past legislation to see if it is doing its purpose 1. Sunset Provision – if congress doesn’t use oversight, program will be shutdown...
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