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7-25-08 - 1 Work in Department of Defense work for Lockheed...

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I. Georgia Governor A. OPB – Office of Planning a Budget 1. Fiscal year begins in July 2. Has line item veto B. Sets the state revenue estimate to keep state out of debt C. Supplemental Budget 1. When there’s a surplus in the budget II. Bureaucracy A. Hierarchical B. Job Specialization C. Rules – “red tape” D. Civil Servant III. James A. Garfield A. Elected in 1881 B. Man that worked on his campaign unemployed, wanted a job 1. Shoots him IV. Hatch Act A. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatch_Act_of_1939 V. Merit System A. Hire the best qualified B. Replaced the Spoils System VI. Independent Regulatory Commissions A. Quasi Judicial Power 1. Securities and Exchange Commission 2. Environmental Protection Agency VII. The Revolving Door A. Federal workers move in between government and private sector
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Work in Department of Defense, work for Lockheed VIII. The Whistle Blower A. Employed with an agency B. “Tattle-Tale” 1. Retaliation C. Legislation has been passed to protect whistle-blower from retaliation IX. Judiciary A. Two types of litigation, suing 1. Civil a) Person brings charges against b) Looking to collect damages – give them some money 2. Criminal a) State brings charges against b) Beyond a reasonable doubt – put in jail X. Federal System A. Supreme Court 1. 7 Georgia justices B. US Court of Appeals 1. 12 circuits 2. 3 judge panel 3. En Banc a) Request that all judges hear case rather than just the three XI. Speaker of the Georgia House – Glenn Richardson...
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7-25-08 - 1 Work in Department of Defense work for Lockheed...

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