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Getting Involved in Politics and Types of Elections

Getting Involved in Politics and Types of Elections - •...

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I. Getting Involved 1. To get involved in politics, you could Help in a campaign Lobby Protest Turn to protest if you have a grievance but not much power Need the media; no media, no one may see you Controversy Try to be innovative 2. Get people to vote Hold voting on weekends/make it a holiday Have 2 day election days 3. Problem in Florida Undervote – skip over section or don’t vote for an office Overvote – vote for multiple candidates in one office 4. Cathy Cox – Electronic Voting
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Unformatted text preview: • No way for recount • Malicious – hackers • Erroneous – computer could do it wrong • What if the power goes out? II. Types of elections 1. Realignment – people change parties/shift affiliation, after 32 republicans turn democrat a. Critical realignment – very quick b. Secular realignment – very slow i. Has been a secular realignment in the south; mostly democratic has moved to republican 2. Dealignment – party members move independent...
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