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Billy Cook Identity Map Paper

Billy Cook Identity Map Paper - Billy Cook Identity Map...

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Billy Cook Identity Map Pretty much everything on my identity map stems from being a Methodist, except for being a Fraternity Member; I couldn’t link that to anything, really. I think this is because I draw my morals from my religious values. My parents raised me Methodist and although I don’t go to church all that often any more, I still like to think I’m religious. I do plan to start going to church now that one is close so that I can make it a bigger part of my life. I would like my children to be religious too, because religion has helped me to make some of the better decisions I’ve made in my life and I think it would help them too. From Methodist, I get Husband and Father, which are probably my two second biggest bubbles because I want to make sure I am good at both. I want my future wife and children to be well off and be happy because I am a good husband and father. I think being Methodist would really help me to be these things because it would teach me good values and morals. I also have Hard Worker
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