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agriculture - b Lettuce lettuce bag side salad at a...

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1. CA is #1 (agriculture) a. Value b. Yield c. Variety 2. Reasons for CA success a. Topography – able to find somewhere that is able to plant anything b. Good drainage c. Ample water d. Fertile soils – alluvial e. Growing season f. Microclimates – related to the variety of things we can grow 3. Multiplier effect a. Reactions of spending in response to demand for both goods and services
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Unformatted text preview: b. Lettuce lettuce bag side salad at a restaurant 4. Top 5 agricultural states a. CA – $31.6 Billion b. TX – $16 Billion c. Iowa – $15 Billion d. Nebraska – $12 Billion e. Kansas – $10 Billion 5....
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