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Module 3 Worksheet In Class Questions 1) (S9) Which of the following two problems is a function problem? Problem 1 Problem 2 Input: Integer n Input: Integers m and n Output: An integer smaller than n Output: Answer to “Is m < n?” 2) (S9) Convert the non-function problem above into a related function problem. Input Output 3) (S9) For the problem that is a function problem, what is the set of possible outputs? 4) (S14) Convert the following function problem into a related decision problem using
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Unformatted text preview: the examples for multiplication and division as a guide. Input: Integers x and y Input: Output: The sum of x and y (x+y) Yes/No Question: Take home review questions 1) What is the difference between a decision problem and a non-decision problem? 2) What is true about all problems that have only a finite domain (input set)? 3) Is the same thing true about all problems that have a finite range (output set)?...
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