Livestock - iii. machines do human work 3. Fruits and...

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1. Livestock a. Cattle i. CA is 7 th in nation b. Dairy cattle i. CA is 1 st in ii. 21% of nation’s dairy comes from CA iii. CA cows are happier because they produce more in the year than the average c. Poultry i. CA is 6 th in the nation ii. We don’t rank in meat iii. We rand 5th d. Hogs/Pigs i. CA ranks 27 th e. Sheep/Lambs i. You get the wool and meat ii. CA ranks 2 nd when it comes to meat iii. CA ranks 3 rd when it comes to wool f. Bees i. Only thing on earth that can make honey ii. Honey decreased 60% from 2001-2004 iii. CA has 13% of nations honey iv. Location is where all the cattle is 2. Field Crops a. Alfalfa (hay) i. “green gold” ii. Plant it and cut it continuously for 5-10 years iii. CA ranks 1 st in nation iv. Grown b. Cotton i. Lint 1. CA ranks 5 th ii. Cottonseed oil 1. CA ranks 2 nd iii. The Boll Weevil is a pest that is in the South but not in CA so we grow more c. Rice i. Great to grow north of Sacramento 1. soil is clayish, which contains a lot of moisture ii. hybrid seed that allows it to grow in cool weather
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Unformatted text preview: iii. machines do human work 3. Fruits and Vegetables a. 1830-1850 i. Fruit is grown in East coast ii. Fresh fruits and vegetables caused decease iii. At a time, it was forbidden b. Transportation issues i. Took to long to cross country ii. Hot c. California Fruit Growers Exchange i. Most successful, powerful and efficiently run corporation ii. 210 packing houses in the state iii. Packed 75% of all citrus crops iv. Began the promotion of the orange v. What was their brand name? SUNKIST 1. Packing into packaging 2. in 1920 they started to make juice d. Fruits and vegetables grown exclusively in California (97-100%) i. Artichokes ii. Brussels sprouts iii. Dates iv. Figs v. Kiwifruit vi. Olive vii. Peaches (clingstone) viii. Prunes ix. Raisins x. Persimmons xi. Nectarines e....
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Livestock - iii. machines do human work 3. Fruits and...

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