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Intro Stats – Classwork Chapter 3 200 adults shopping at a supermarket were asked about the highest level of education they had completed and whether or not they smoke cigarettes. Results are summarized in the table. 1. Identify the variables. 2. a) What percent of the shoppers were smokers with high school educations? ______ b) What percent of the shoppers with high school educations were smokers?
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Unformatted text preview: ______ c) What percent of the smokers had high school educations? ______ 3. Create a segmented bar graph comparing education level among smokers and non-smokers. Label your graph clearly. 4. Do these data suggest there is an association between smoking and education level? Smoker Non-smoker Total High school 32 61 93 2 yr college 5 17 22 4+ yr college 13 72 85 Total 50 150 200...
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