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Date ________________ Name __________________ Grader ________________ Grade _____________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GLG 411 - Problem Set 12 MASS TRANSPORT OF SOLUTES: VISUAL SOLUTE TRANSPORT (VST) PURPOSE: This week’s problem set will again use Visual Solute Transport (VST) (Thorbjamarson et al. 2002) to simulate in one dimension solute transport through a porous media. This time, however, simulations will be generated for a fixed distance from the solute source rather than for variable distances. PROBLEM: 1) In last week’s lab you were given a problem concerning an underground storage tank leaking a solution with a boride concentration of 500 mg/L. You were asked to calculate using the one-dimensional equation for hydrodynamic dispersion the concentration of the boride in mg/L after 24 months at a distance of 20 m from the point where the solution entered the groundwater. You were also given the following information: The solution entered an unconfined aquifer that has a hydraulic conductivity of 4.0 x 10 -3 cm/s and an effective porosity of 2 x 10 -1 . The water table associated with the aquifer has a gradient of .0015 and a dispersivity of 1.57m; the effective diffusion coefficient for the solution is estimated to be 1 x 10 -9 m 2 /sec. a) Using the
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Problem Set_12 - Date _ Grader _ Name _ Grade _ - GLG 411 -...

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