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JURASSIC PARK Study Questions 1.Instead of being at the meeting between Juanito and Gennero, John Hammond has been called away due to a problem with his daughter—what is it? 2.According to Gennerro, the family of the dead worker has brought suit against Hammond.What are the TWO resulting problems that may cause the park to close down? 3.What is it the money people insist be done even though Hammond hates them because they slow everything down? 4.What does Juanito hold in his hand at the end of the scene AND why is it important? 5.Why does HammondneedDrs. Grant and Sattler to come to the Park? 6.Ian Malcolm is a mathematician with an unusual specialty. What is it AND explain it? 7.What is amber AND how is it related to the creation of the park? 8.How do Hammond and company control the gender of the dinosaur population?
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