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Intro Stats – Classwork Chapter 2 In June 2003 Consumer Reports published an article on some sport-utility vehicles they had tested recently. They reported some basic information about each of the vehicles and the results of some tests conducted by their staff. Among other things, the article told the brand of each vehicle, its price, and whether it had a standard or automatic transmission. They reported the vehicle’s fuel economy, its acceleration (number of seconds to go from
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Unformatted text preview: zero to 60 mph), and its braking distance to stop from 60 mph. The article also rated each vehicle’s reliability as much better than average, better than average, average, worse, or much worse than average. 1. Describe the W’s, if the information is given: • Who: • What: • When: • Where: • How: • Why: 2. List the variables. Indicate whether each variable is categorical or quantitative. If the variable is quantitative, tell the units....
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