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History 1. 1769Native Californians a. 300,000 b. 1/3 of all N.A. c. Yuma & Mojave i. Cacti, fish ii. Relocation iii. Understood the earth provided them with substance and shelter iv. Desert v. Dealt with drought vi. Fishing important d. Yurok i. Egocentric – thought that they were the center of the world. ii. Animistic – Thanked everything on earth iii. Klamath iv. Salmon v. Concerned with flood-control 2. 1510 Montalvo a. “The Deeds of Esplandian” i. Book of some dude sailing the seas in search of God, Gold, and Glory. Dude finds some island ruled by Amazonian chicks where the island was called California and the queen was Caliphia b. 1539 Cabrillo names it Baja California cause of the book
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Spanish CA 1769-1821 a. Mission i. Religion ii. Father Junipero Serra 1. July 16, 1769 2. Discovered 9 mimssions 3. 21 missions from San Diego to Sanoma on El Camino Real 4. Approximately 30 miles apart (a day’s walk) 5. Needed : a. fertile land for cropping b. timber to build c. drinkable water d. ocean access e. sizeable native population iii. purpose of mission 1. direct and control settlement 2. control economic activity 3. Christianize natives 4. b. Pueblo i. Civilian c. Presidio i. Military d. Rancho i. Agriculture/Livestock 4....
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