Tech2 - Tech 2 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS with Excel and...

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Tech 2: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS with Excel and MINITAB At the end of each Chapter in the text there is a page showing how to do calculations or graphs introduced in the chapter on a computer or calculator. Among other MINTAB, Excel, Data Desk (a program that comes with the text) and TI-83 procedures are discussed. Please always read MINTAB, Excel, and TI-83 sections. We all should know how to use calculator and how to read output from MINITAB . Students from sections 102 and 104 are expected to use MINTAB to solve some of the homework programs; students from section 701 are expected to use Excel . In this handout I will show how to use MINITAB and EXCEL for selected calculations. For more information please read MINTAB and Excel help files and/or manuals. TI-83 instruction are in Tech 1 . Descriptive Statistics and Graphs Example 1. We will do homework Exercise 41 from Chapter 5. Data set in Excel format is on the CD that comes with the text. EXCEL: First install Analysis ToolPak if you do not have it installed: select Tools, then Add-Ins… check the Analysis ToolPak, and press OK. Type data in cells A2:A39, or click here Descriptive Statistics: 1. Click Tools and then Data Analysis, select Descriptive Statistics and press OK 2. In Input Range window type $A$2:$A$39 or click its right icon an select cells A2:A39 3. In Output options check Summary Statistics and choose an Output Range (for example $C$2). The program will generate the following table (in my case in cells $C$2:$D$16) Column1 Mean 487.2105 Standard Error 11.7319 Median 499 Mode 520 Standard Deviation 72.32029 Sample Variance 5230.225 Kurtosis 1.053126 Skewness -0.89584 Range 329 Minimum 275 Maximum 604 Sum 18514 Count 38 Quartiles:
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Tech2 - Tech 2 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS with Excel and...

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