Assiggnmnet 4 matrix and buerocracy

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William Routh 10-25-07 BUAD 304 Assignment #4 Chapter 16 Critical Thinking # 3 Matrix structures are all about getting the best of both worlds. They try to highlight the strengths and overcome the weaknesses of their system which exists in two parts, functional and product. Plusses of the functional department include having like specialists and allowing the pooling and sharing of specialized resources across products. The negative side to the functional department is coordinating the tasks and logistics of diverse functional specialists. The other side of the matrix, the product department, excels in coordination among specialists to achieve on time completion of products. A possible minus to the whole matrix system is having to report to two bosses and a dual chain of command. Also, innate confusion lies in the matrix system because of the propensity to foster power-struggles and the stress it places on individual’s and their performance. On the overall plus side the matrix system allows coordination when an
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