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Intro Stats – Classwork Chapter 7 TI-83. Enter x-values (Fat) in L1 and y-values (Calories) in L2. 1. Correlation coefficient is not displayed automatically. We have to set the diagnostic display mode. First go to the CATALOG : press 2 nd , 0, press D (the key with x -1 ) and scroll down the screen to point to Diagnostic On, then press ENTER twice
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Unformatted text preview: . The calculator responds with “Done”. You need to do this only once. 2. Press STAT, select CALC, select LinReg(ax+b), ENTER. The display is: LinReg(ax+b). Enter L1,L2 and then ENTER. The display will look like this: y = ax+b a = … b = … r 2 =… r =…. (< --- this is the correlation coefficient)...
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