My Own HRT 101 Study Guide Midterm 1

My Own HRT 101 Study Guide Midterm 1 - My Own HRT 101 Study...

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My Own HRT 101 Study Guide Midterm 1 Chapter 1 Amenities: hotel products and services designed to appeal to guests Concierge: the individual(s) within a full-service hotel responsible for providing guests with detailed information regarding local dining and attractions, as well as assisting with related guest needs. Hotel: a for-profit business that rents sleeping rooms and often provides other amenities such as food and beverage services, swimming pools and exercise rooms, meeting spaces, business centers, and concierge services, also referred to as motel, motor hotel, or motor inn. Franchise: an arrangement whereby one party (the brand) allows another (the hotel owners) to use its logo, name, systems, and resources in exchange for a fee Management company: an organization that operates a hotel for a fee; also sometimes called a contract company Resorts: full-service hotels with additional attractions to make them a primary destination for travelers Full-service hotel: a hotel is considered full-service when it provides guests with extensive food and beverage products and services. Timeshare properties: lodging properties selling a part ownership (for example, one week within a specified time period) in a unit within the property; also called interval ownership. Condominium (or condo): a lodging property in which units are individually owned; in some condominium properties, units can be placed into a rental pool with resulting guest fees split between the owner and the company managing the units. Condo-hotel: a hotel with traditional public spaces and services in which some or all of the guest rooms are provided by persons who can rent their units as part of the hotel and receive a portion of the unit’s rental revenues for doing so. Conference centers: organizations that assist associations, businesses, and individuals to meet desired continuing education need. Camp and park lodges: sleeping accommodations in parks and other nature conservatories owned by governmental agencies and often operated by for-profit management companies. Bed and breakfast (Inns): very small (one-to-several guest room) properties owned or managed by persons living on-site; these businesses typically offer at least one meal Chapter 2
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Quality: the consistent delivery of products and services according to expected standards. Service: the process of helping guests by addressing their wants and needs with respect and dignity in a timely manner. Accountability: an obligation created when a person is delegates duties or responsibilities from higher levels of management. Employer of choice: the concept that the hospitality operation is a preferred place of employment within the community by those who have alternative employment opportunities. 6 tips:
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My Own HRT 101 Study Guide Midterm 1 - My Own HRT 101 Study...

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