The War Over Korea

The War Over Korea - "The War Over Korea" I....

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“The War Over Korea I. Koreans Go To War A. History 1. Japan had taken over Korea in 1910 and ruled it Until August 1945 2. As WWII ended, Japanese troops north of the 38 th parallel surrendered to the Soviets. a. The 38 th parallel is an imaginary line that divided Korea at 38 degrees north latitude. i. 38 th parallel ii. industry in the north iii. Agriculture in the south 2. In 1948 the Republic of Korea, usually called South Korea, established in the zone that had been occupied by the United States. a. The government headed by Syngman Rhee, was based in Seoul b. The communist formed the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the north. c. By 1949, both U.S. and Soviets left Korea so that they can decide who will take Korea. B. North Korea Attacks South Korea 1. On June 25, 1950, North Korean troops started the Korean War by invading South Korea. a. The attack alarmed Americans; yet another Asian country was about to fall to communism. 2. Truman ordered naval and air support for South Korea. a. Congress stood up and cheered about Truman’s decision b. Only Howard Taft objected the president c. Had congress’s power to declare war. 3. The UN Security Council adopted an American resolution calling on member nations to help the Republic of South Korea. a. The Soviet Union was boycotting the UN because of the UN’s refusal to recognize Communist China and was not present to veto the resolution. i. June 27,1950
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The War Over Korea - "The War Over Korea" I....

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